Professional Education Workshops

Since 2008, FCP offered several 3-hour workshops annually. Attendees included psychologists, social workers, licensed professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, educators, and other professionals in the field of human services. Thank you for allowing us to deliver valuable and important information to our Bucks County community of professionals for the past 15 years.

Professional Education Workshop Series Concludes

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Fall Workshop-Bernstein2
Mandated Reporting Workshop

Since 2008, Foundations Community Partnership hosted 66 professional education workshops offering 198 hours of instruction and continuing education credits to social workers, licensed professional counselors, psychologists, and educators. During that time, thousands of local professionals engaged with renowned and distinguished presenters about emerging trends, original research, and required accreditation topics all in support of licensing requirements.

With the start of the pandemic, FCP, like so many other continuing education providers, pivoted to online content delivery while keeping abreast of changing regulatory requirements. Fortunately, these online workshops ensured the continued delivery of important content and allowed people to remain safe during the pandemic. However, the ability and convenience to earn continuing education credits from organizations across the country led us to examine our role as a local provider.

Like many other providers, we saw our registration numbers drop due to the abundance of options. As we emerged from the pandemic and decided to shift to a hybrid workshop model in partnership with the Bucks County Intermediate Unit in Doylestown, we quickly realized that online attendance remained the preferred option and that registration numbers remained more than 50% below pre-pandemic levels. Therefore, we decided to discontinue our Professional Education Workshop series and instead focus on promoting and, at times, sponsoring relevant opportunities for local professionals.

We want to thank the many presenters over the years for delivering valuable and important information to our Bucks County community of professionals, past attendees for their loyalty and input that shaped this series, sponsors that supported our efforts, and the FCP Board of Directors, staff, and team of consultants who made it all possible. While we miss seeing everybody, our mission to support the behavioral health and human service needs of children, young adults, and families in Bucks County continues.

We encourage you to bookmark the following links as resources for quality content that you grew accustomed to from FCP workshops:

In Gratitude,

Tobi Bruhn, Ed.D., CFRE